About us

We put people above all.

Whatever your hopes, dreams, needs and wants are: that’s what we put first.

Banking is just how we help you make it happen.

About Us

We are a financial services provider run on principles.

We are like a bank in many ways, we are a financial services provider and we are open to everyone. Like banks, we are full service. From loans to investments, everyday banking to financial planning and everything in between, we have you covered. Plus, we have the same convenient access.

But we are different! Different by design.

Credit unions are run on principles using our profits for your good – not our pockets! Our profits go back to customers:

We're more than numbers.

But here they are. 


With $934M in managed assets, we are strong and secure.


With an ATM network bigger than most banks, our members have access to 1000+ ding-free ATMs.


Of our profits are used for your good - not our pockets. 


We are 100% owned and led by our members - that's why we put members first.  That's why we always have your best interests at heart.


The number of Canadians credit unions serve; we alone serve over 8,900 in our local communities.


The year we began making lives better, brighter and stronger.

Experience values-based, co-operative banking

It's why we're more than just numbers.

Our vision

We will be the spark that inspires
  • our members to achieve their financial well-being,
  • our people to be their best, and
  • our community to be strong and vibrant.

Our values

We are principled. We do the right things, the right way, for the right reasons. We are honest, accountable, respectful, and fair.

We are energetic. We believe in doing our work with a spark. We are enthusiastic, positive, creative, and engaged.

We are collaborative. We build each other up and work as a team. We are inclusive, appreciative, supportive, and coachable. We all contribute to the success of the organization.

We are experts. We are committed to education, innovation, and professional growth. We respond to the changing needs of the organization and our members by listening, learning, and developing solutions.

We are local. We believe in making a positive difference in the communities we serve. We are local people making local decisions.

We are strong. We will be known for our corporate strength, leadership, and generosity. The stronger we are; the more we can achieve together.

Our purpose

We are a financial services provider run on principles. We deliver an exceptional member experience, we provide expert financial advice, and we use our profits for your good.

Would you like to know more?

Watch a quick video on our beliefs and how we live them day in, day out. 

Our Service Promises

We promise an experience beyond ordinary:
  • We’ll help you thrive financially
  • You’ll love service with a spark
  • We’ll say what we mean and mean what we say
  • We’ll keep your best interests at heart
  • We’ll own it

Our policies and commitment to you

We do the right things for the right reasons. 

Here you'll find our policies and commitment to you around privacy, complaint handling, accessibility and more.

You’re more than just a number, too

We are owned by our members – the people who bank with us. So walk in like you own the place, because you do. 

You have a say in how our credit union is run. At WCU, our board of directors is elected by our membership on the premise of “one member, one vote.” All members have an equal say in how their credit union operates, no matter how much or little you have in your account. Members can voice their concerns and vote on the issues that matter to them.

Angie Hastings

Board Member, WCU &
Office Manager, Don’s Plumbing and Heating

Duane Walkeden

First Vice Chair, WCU &
Construction Lead, Whitecap Resources

Jesse Ridgway

Board Member, WCU &
Self-Employed Agricultural Producer

Jeff Richards

Board Member, WCU &
Executive Director, Wor-Kin Shop

Kelly Linnell

Second Vice Chair, WCU &

Jerry LaFoy

Board Member, WCU
CFO, Rona Weyburn

Lynn Colquhoun

Board Member, WCU &
Teacher / Education Coordinator

Matt Caudill

Board Chair, WCU &
Assistant Caretaking Supervisor

Colleen Christopherson

Board Member, WCU & 

Don Shumlich

Chief Executive Officer

Bill Pittman

Chief Risk Officer

Jeff Hayward

Chief Operating Officer

Krista Hubic

Chief Financial Officer

Tana Torkelson

VP of Marketing

Ryan Janke

VP of Technology

Val Ness

VP of Human Resources

As we mentioned,

we are strong.

Need proof? Check out our latest Annual Reports.  

Your Board of Directors is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the Credit Union is managed and operated in a sound and prudent manner. They provide vision, leadership, and direction for the success of our Credit Union, today and into the future. Our leadership team translates that direction in to their business plans and daily operations.  Our annual reports acts like a scorecard on how successful we are at achieving that direction, set by your Board on your behalf. 
Always here & helping
We’re always here and helping our community. Be it sponsoring a local event, volunteering for local causes, providing scholarships for local youth or donating through our community fund, our success is measured not by profit but by the impact we have on our community.

Your deposits are fully guaranteed

From $1 to $1M or more!

Bank how you want, when you want – wherever you want

When you choose us, we are here when you need us with experts to help guide you on your way.

Out and about on your mobile device

From home on your computer

Over the phone with our friendly team

Via thousands of ATMs across Canada
You belong here.
Are you ready to be a part of something bigger?

We're ultra-local & here to help!

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