Our Service Promises

Beyond the ordinary

We’ll help you thrive financially

Your financial well-being will always come first. We’ll get to know you and your financial situation. We’ll help you make better, brighter, more informed financial choices and offer solutions that meet your financial needs. We’ll help you reach the hopes, dreams and goals that are important to you.

You’ll love our service with a spark

From warm, wonderful welcomes to fabulous, feel-good farewells, and all the ooey-gooey goodness in between, we promise to make every moment matter. You’ll always find us champions of hope, optimism and positivity.

We’ll keep your best interests at heart

Because our members are also our owners, our members always come first. Walk in like you own the place because you actually do. Our Credit Union is owned by the people who bank with us.

We’ll say what we mean and mean what we say

We’ll always be open and transparent in our communication, especially when it comes to things like the nitty-gritty and fine print, as well as rates and fees. We’ll always explain everything in a clear, jargon-free language that is easy to understand.

We’ll own it

We’re all human, and try as we might to avoid them, mistakes and missteps happen. If a mistake happens, please let us know right away. We promise to own it, learn from it, and make it right for you.
We don't take our promises lightly!
If you ever think I’m not living up to our promises, you are welcome to chat with our CEO: here’s his email address. How many banks will do that?

p.s. He’d like to hear about the great experiences too!

We're ultra-local & here to help!

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