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Digital Banking

Digital business banking is an easy, quick and secure way to manage your money wherever you are, any time of the day, any day of the week. Because business never stops and neither should your banking.

Digital Banking is easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy. 

Digital banking has never been so effortless and powerful. With our new digital banking platform, you will be empowered to digitally manage every aspect of your financial life. Anywhere, anytime, on every device.

Business Services

Manage your business account better with these features:

  • See pending transactions that require approval, as well as cancelled or expired transactions

  • Create transactions that require additional approval - these transactions will expire if not approved within seven days

  • Add and manage delegates (signers) - available only with online banking

  • Consolidate profiles if you have more than one digital banking login with Weyburn Credit Union - to consolidate a profile you must be a signor on the business account


The Accounts tab in online and mobile banking allows you to quickly and securely view and manage your money. From this tab you can:

  • View all your account details, transactions and eStatements

  • Create shortcuts for your favourite transactions

  • Name your accounts

  • Select a primary account for transactions

  • Hide accounts from view or change the order


Pay bills, view scheduled payments and manage payees in just a few clicks. From this tab you can:

  • Make instant bill payments or set up recurring payments

  • Pay business taxes, GST, Corporation Tax as well payroll and source deduction (available only with online banking)

  • View your scheduled payments

  • Delete scheduled payments (same-day payments cannot be deleted)

  • Add, edit or delete bill payees


Money transfers and Interac e-Transfers® are simple to set up. From this tab you can:

  • Transfer funds between your Weyburn Credit Union accounts or to another WCU member

  • Set your transfers to immediate, scheduled or recurring

  • View scheduled transfers

  • Send money via Interac e-Transfer®

  • Add, edit or delete Interac e-Transfer® contacts

  • View pending and completed Interac e-Transfers®

  • Set up autodeposit to receive Interac e-Transfers® without the need to respond to a security question

Getting the most out of your digital experience

The enhanced features of our new online and mobile banking allow you to customize your experience to help manage your money more conveniently. Here are some of those features:


Stay informed when you need to approve transactions or if you have transactions that are about to expire. You can view small business alerts by email or text message anywhere, anytime. 


In digital banking, you can quickly and easily set up and manage delegates. Each delegate can be granted different access levels, from read-only to initiator

Consolidating profiles

If you have more than one account with WCU, and you are the signor, you can simply and easily consolidate the profiles in digital banking.

Favourite Transactions

Set up favorite transactions to make it quick and easy to do those transactions.

Contact details

Moved recently? Update your contact details right in digital banking.


Update or reset a forgotten password right in digital banking. Plus, it's so simple!

Biometric authentication

Set up fingerprint and/or facial recognition to log in (available only in mobile banking)

Secure messages

Secure messaging in digital banking is a quick and secure way to get all of your questions answered.

How to log in for the first time

Most members will be able to access the new app or digital banking easily and completely on their own with no intervention from us.


Chose a device to login from

  • Computer & Tablets: go to to sign 

  • Android Mobile Device: You will need to uninstall the old mobile app from your phone and install the new app.

  • Apple Mobile Device: Please make sure to update the WCU app from the app store. You can download the new app as well.


Enter current log in credentials

Enter the debit card (PAN) number and password (PAC) you currently use to login to online banking. If you’re not sure what they are, please call our Contact Centre at 306-842-6641 for assistance.

Note: If you are a new user, you will be asked to enter your debit card number, birthday and mobile or email address associated with your account.


Create new profile

Once you log in for the first time, you will be asked to create a new user profile for Xpress. Please enter a new username and password of your choosing. See username and password requirements below.

Please note, from now on, you will use the username and password you just created to login to online and mobile banking.


Authenticate your access

To confirm your identity, you will need to enter your email address OR mobile phone number. This will be checked against what we currently have in our banking system to authenticate your access. 

Note: Our banking system will go to your person record, or you as the owner, to authenticate, so it is likely you have to enter your personal mobile number and/or email. 


Enter your OTP

After you set up your profile, a One Time Passcode (OTP) will be sent to your email or phone. Enter the code to complete the new profile setup.

And that’s it! You're in!

#DYK: The foremost advantage of and primary reason for OTPs is security. Since a single-use password will change with each login attempt, the risk of an account being compromised is drastically reduced, if not eliminated.

Watch a video demo on how-to sign in.
We've created a library of videos to help you understand and navigate our new digital banking platform!
When selecting your username avoid using only your name. Choose a unique username that you'll remember because once you create it, you can't change it. As well, your username must be unique to you.  Your username can be up to a maximum of 35 alphanumeric characters but should be a minimum of five. Special characters are optional and the special characters you can use are:
  • _ (underscore)
  • . (period)
  • @ (alias)
Please note, your username cannot be your PAN (16-digit debit card number). 

The password you choose will be validated against the requirements with a password strength indicator. You will see if the requirements are being fulfilled in real time as the password is entered. If the indicator shows that the password is weak and it doesn’t meet the minimum requirements, you will not be allowed to progress to the next step and an error message will be displayed.

Passwords do not expire and can be reused/recycled when selecting the forgotten password link, but not when using the change password feature once logged into Xpress.

Here the requirements for your alphanumeric password:

  • Minimum 10 characters

  • Maximum 35 characters

  • At least 1 uppercase letter (mandatory)

  • At least 1 lowercase letter (mandatory)

  • At least 1 number (mandatory)

  • Special characters are optional

Digital Banking - Small Business FAQs

As a signer on the business, we need to authenticate you as an individual. 

Digital banking has a character limit when it comes to the business name, and your business name may be outside the limits. This will not impact any of the information sent with bill payments or what is stored in our banking system. 

If you have your membership set up as requiring two-signer approval for transactions like bill payments and Interac e-Transfers®, you can approve the transaction within digital banking.
  1. Sign in to digital banking
  2. From the menu, click Business Services, then Review Pending Transactions
Note: Transactions expire after seven days.
Profile consolidation allows you, as a small business member, to add your personal account and/or other business accounts that you are a signer/owner of. This enables you to toggle back and forth between your business(es) and personal accounts.

How-To: Consolidate Profile
  1. Log in to digital banking via desktop (profile consolidation not available to set up in the mobile app)
  2. Select 'Business services'
  3. Click ‘Profile Consolidation’
  4. Click ‘Add Profile’
  5. Enter personal or business profile username
  6. Enter personal or business profile password
  7. Click ‘Continue’
  8. Confirm details and click ‘Continue’
Your profile is now added successfully.

Repeat these steps if you want to consolidate additional business accounts that you are a signer/owner on the account.
Delegates are people such as an accountant, bookkeeper or employees who can be granted limited access to small business digital banking. Delegates can be created by any one of the authorized signers that have small business digital banking access. 

Delegates will have their own username as a login and password that is provided to them by an authorized signer. Delegates will be able to see the accounts and associated transactions related to the login ID the business signer sets up for them. 

Delegates can be set up with: 
  • Initiator access. Allows delegates to create transactions for the authorized signer(s) to approve without making the delegate an actual signer on the account(s). Delegates with initiator access can: 
    • Initiate transactions like a bill payment, transfer or Interac® e-Transfer. 
    • Create a similar transaction from previous transactions or recall a transaction (prior to approval).
    • Initiator transactions require approval by the signer(s) in order to complete the transaction. 
  • Read-only access. Allows delegates to view account information but does not allow them to perform any transactions on the account. 

Notes on Delegates: 
  • There is no maximum number of delegates that can be set up. 
  • Once the username is selected, it cannot be changed. 
  • The username will need to be communicated to the delegate separately. 
  • Any account signer can add, view, or edit a delegate. 
  • Cornerstone does not have access to your delegates, therefore we are unable to add, edit, delete, lock or reset their password on your behalf. 
  1. Login to digital banking via desktop or tablet (can’t be done on the app just yet)
  2. Select ‘Business services’
  3. Click ‘Delegate management’
  4. Click ‘Add delegate’
  5. Create delegate username
    • The username should be between 5-34 alphanumeric characters.
    • The username should be communicated to the delegate separately.
  6. Enter the name of the delegate
  7. Click the radio button to select the access level - Initiator or Read-only access
  8. Click the radio button to select how the password will be received (email or mobile number)
  9. Enter the email
  10. Enter the mobile phone
  11. Type in any notes that apply to the delegate
  12. Accept express consent
  13. Click ‘Continue’
  14. Confirm details and click ‘Continue’
  15. An authentication code will then be sent to you by email or text message and simply enter the received code into enter code field and click ‘Continue’
  16. Delegate added successfully
  17. The delegate will now receive their temporary password via email or text.

Your delegate will be prompted to change his/her temporary password when logging in for the first time. The new password is recommended to be 10-30 characters, containing at least:
  • one upper case letter
  • one lower case letter
  • one number
You can set up as many delegates as you wish, there is no maximum number of delegates that can be set up.
One person who has signing authority for the accounts will create a username for the delegate when adding them to the membership. After this, a temporary password will be sent to the signer to enter into the system. Once the delegate is set up, they will use their new sign in information and they’ll be prompted to create their own unique password the first time they sign in.
Delegates can initiate transactions, but not authorize or complete them. If the business account requires two approvals, the delegate can create a transaction, and then two signers will have to sign in to approve it. 
To consolidate a profile the member must be a signer on the business account. Delegates will have to sign in to each business membership.
Yes, you can grant one of two permissions for each delegate on each business: read-only or initiator.
You can download your transactions into the format needed for QuickBooks and Quicken by scrolling to the bottom of your account and selecting the 'Export' button. These documents can then be uploaded into QuickBooks or Quicken. 
The signer, or signers, on the business account, haven’t completed the setup process for the new digital banking experience. Once they finish getting set up, they can add you back as a delegate.

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