Start PAC-ing & we just might double your PAC!
Up to $1,000!*

Starting a PAC is easy, just ask us to automatically route smaller, regular contributions from your spending account to your savings or investment account.

Each PAC set up from Jan 1 - Sept 30 will be entered in a random draw to win* an amount equal to your PAC contributions over 1 year.

It’s just our little way of encouraging you to level up your investing game: destination financial well-being.

What is a PAC?
A PAC or pre-authorized contribution is an effective and painless way to save. When you set up a PAC, you choose an amount to be automatically withdrawn from your spending account and deposited into your savings or investment account on a regular basis. 

The perks and privilege of PACs

Reach your goals

The difference between success and failure isn’t how much money you make, or how smart you are, but how well you conquer the all-too-human tendencies to procrastinate and under-save. Conquer them with a PAC.

Use one of our calculators to quickly and easily determine how much to save to reach your goal. 

Reach them faster

When you contribute regularly, even if it’s just a little at a time, you’ll earn compound interest throughout the year (this means that you earn interest on your initial deposit and on the interest you’ve earned). That really adds up - or should we say multiplies - over time!

You're in control

Pay yourself first with a PAC on pay day. By transferring money to your savings or investments automatically, a PAC plan helps you resist spending that cash on something you might not really need.

Plus, you aren't locked in to a commitment of any kind. You can change the amount you save, when you save or stop your PAC altogether, at any time.

Feel better

Fun fact: saving money can have big mental health benefits! Money is the greatest source of stress for Canadians; having a plan in place to make automatic progress on your financial goals can boost your confidence and security.

Setting up a PAC is a breeze!
  • Choose how much you'd like to invest based on your goals
  • Decide how often you want to make a contribution (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.)
  • Our $0.02: We recommend making your pay day your PAC day too - you'll hardly notice it's gone. 
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