Financial Planning

Helping you create the life you want, no matter where you start.

What exactly is “financial planning”?
Financial planning takes a holistic, big picture view of you, your lifestyle, and your financial needs and priorities. Without this broad approach, it’s like trying to see out a window with the curtains half-closed. You need the full view to understand and make the right decisions about every aspect of your finances.

Planning personalized to your life

Simple process
Creating a financial plan can seem daunting, but our specialists make it easy. They’ll sit down with you for a simple chat, learn about your life, so they can tailor a plan to your goals.
Certified specialists
Our local team are certified experts in their field, with years of experience helping individuals and businesses create practical financial plans that secure their future.
Clear, comprehensive support
We don’t use jargon. Your financial plan will not only cover everything you need, but it will also be easy to understand and put into action to achieve your goals.
Proactive approach
Financial planning shouldn’t be a one and done process. Be it a job change, a baby or retirement approaching, our experts keep in touch to ensure your plan stays relevant to you.

We’ll guide you through the planning process


Get to know you

First things first, we’ll sit down together to learn about your life, your goals, and your vision for the future, so we can create a personalized framework for your financial plan.


Collect & analyze

Yes, we know, the boring stuff! But we’ll make it as easy as possible, asking clear questions and work with your other providers to get any extra details we need.


Create your plan

Life is all about balance. With the insight gathered, we’ll develop a step-by-step action plan that ensures you reach your goals for the future while still enjoying life today.


Review & adjust

The only constant in life is change, but that doesn’t mean you need to start over. We’ll review and adjust your plan regularly to ensure it evolves with you.

What does a financial plan include?

A comprehensive financial plan covers every area of your financial life, from investments and real estate to insurance and retirement planning. There are a number of financial planning areas that a comprehensive financial plan may take into account:

Investment Planning

Managing your investments based on past experience, attitudes, objectives, times horizon, risk tolerance and need for income.

Tax Planning

Your current and future tax obligations and strategies to minimize or defer taxation on personal and/or business income.

Retirement Planning

A plan for your post-employment financial well-being, comparing your desired retirement lifestyle with retirement assets, planned savings, expected sources of income and return on investment.

Estate & Succession Planning

Estate planning includes arranging for payment of expenses and obligations after your death, as well as transferring your wealth and other assets to successors as specified in and outside your will.

Insurance & Risk Management

Strategies to minimize your exposure to unexpected financial loss due to death, health issues, property damage, business and other risks.

Financial Management

Your current and projected future financial position, including cash flow (the balance of what you’re earning, spending and saving), budget and net worth.

Ready to get started?
To help us truly personalize our planning support, there’s some information we’ll need to collect from you. Here’s what you’ll need to bring along to your appointment:
  • Tax return
  • Investment statements
  • Financial statements
  • Pension statements
  • Insurance policies
  • Estate documents

Meet our Certified Financial Planners®

You have aspirations – for what and who you care about, for today and for the future. But life is complicated, and figuring out how to make those aspirations a reality can be hard.

You need a plan. A financial plan. CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER®professionals see your whole picture, no matter how complex, and work with you to help you understand where you are and where you want to be.

Whether you have a pressing issue or just need some help getting started, CFP professionals have the knowledge, skills, experience and the ethics to help you build the financial plan that will let you live your life confidently. 

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