Harness the power of your credit score

Know it. Grow it.
A strong credit score plays an important role in lending decisions and what credit will cost you. CreditView® is a simple and powerful dashboard designed to help you harness the power of your credit score.

The CreditView® dashboard gives you access to all of your credit information at a glance. Improving your credit rating becomes a breeze with CreditView® because you'll understand the factors impacting your credit score. As well, you can monitor your credit and be informed and empowered.

Credit score and overview

Access to ScoreSimulator®

Quick tips on credit health and identity protection

National score comparison

Alerts to monitor your credit report

Navigate the credit landscape with confidence
On-demand access to your credit profile
Access to your TransUnion credit report, credit score and key factors behind it — anywhere, anytime — with the CreditView® Dashboard.

Credit alerts keep you in the know
CreditView® can alert you of key changes to your credit information. Alerts are the best way to be aware of and mitigate fraudulent activity

Enjoy context and clarity
Make better and brighter decisions when you can see top factors affecting your credit score, how your score is trending over time and how it compares overall to the credit-active population.

Predict eligibility with ScoreSimulator®
Interactions with our ScoreSimulator® give insight into products you may be interested in and help with qualification.

How to access myCreditView®
Hint: It's piece of cake! And free!

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Simply complete this quick form and we'll follow up with an activation code within one business day. Or give us a call at 306.842.6641; we'll be happy to hook you up.

Create Account

Visit, input the activation code provided and click the Sign Up Now button.

One-time Authentication

You will be guided through an authentication process so you may want to have your information handy.

1 year Unlimited Access

Need more time than that? No worries, we'll happily provide you with another code. 

If you're wondering:

Accessing your credit score through CreditView® is not considered a "hard hit" and does not affect your credit score. 

We're ultra-local & here to help!

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